17/03/2022 - Inquiry/incident management tool.

 Throughout the month of April 2022 we will have a ticket tool available to be able to continue to support TPP in both the Production and Sandbox environments. Through this tool, all queries that are currently sent to us by email to mailboxes: y, will be managed solely and exclusively through it, leaving said mailboxes inoperative also throughout the next month.

The reason for this email is to request the data that we will need to register you in this tool, to that they provide them to us as soon as possible.

The data we will need are the following:



Personal ID, such a passport number, driving licence, NIE or similar



IMPORTANT: the data must be sent by mail email with the subject "Add TPP support tool", to the following address: Emails with requests sent to others addresses and other matters, will not be attended.

As we mentioned, these mailboxes will no longer be operational, so if they are going to continue to need support in either of the two environments, it is necessary that they provide us with this information as soon as possible.


Muchas gracias.


Querys and issues management process

On case of query/incident in Sandbox or Production environment, please follow the following procedure to open a ticket:

  1. Send an email to the support team corresponding, according to environment:
  1. The subject of the email must find out with the following format:

[TPP || ASPSP] Email Subject 

  1. Attach to the email the Excel  “PSD2 - Template for query and issue in production environment v1.0.0.xlsx” filled in correctly with the information necessary for its resolution.


Template Excel for notification of queries/incidents