PSD2 Support

  • This portal provides a secure testing environment for PSD2.


    It should also be taken into account that the "Signature", "TPP-Certificate" and "Digiest" fields are being filled in automatically, when the service request is made from this website. When the TPP develops its own software to make requests, it must inform said signature headers as specified in the Berlin Group documentation. In order to facilitate the signing process, a guide for generating the signature is provided on this website. This guide is available in the "Certificates - Signature Guide" section, visible to registered users


    Incident management and consultation process:

    For any questions regarding the use of the product, please contact the PSD2 mailbox. Please, in order to obtain a more optimal treatment of your query, in the subject of the email, you need to write your TPP identifier and the ASPSP to which it is addressed, following the format:


    [TPP || ASPSP] Subject of the mail


    Thank you.